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So much of your financial success revolves around behavior. As a coach, my duty is to nudge my clients away from making poor financial decisions and and to ensure that they have a line-of-sight on objectives. The purpose of this book is to address real-world financial planning considerations that affect many in the legal profession, to propose strategies that can offer a starting point for an individualized consultation with your advisor, or to implore you to consider working with one that understands your unique concerns.

Hope is a slogan, not a strategy. I meet with prospects frequently who hope that their stock picks go up, that their rental properties cashflow soon, or that they don’t have a significant disruption of income. There needs to be a game plan. The way I see it, everyone has a financial plan; it’s either based on honest discovery of financial health and quantifiable outcomes, or flimsy wishful thinking.

The questions you need to ask yourself are: “Where am I financially? Where does my family want to go? And do I have the knowledge, time, technology, and enjoyment to take on the critical task of managing my personal finances?”

A different approach to finance, designed just for attorneys.

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Game-changing solutions for attorneys across all stages of your career. Go the distance without dropping the ball.

  • How do I reduce my student loan payments?
  • How much should I be saving, for my retirement?
  • How do I save more money every month?
  • How do I start planning to make partner?
  • Am I maximizing my employee benefits?
  • What tax strategies should I use?
  • What type of entity should I select for my firm?
  • What is the value of my firm?
  • Should I set up a captive to manage risk? Or health reimbursement arrangement?
  • How do I incentivize and retain key employees?
  • What are the best strategies for reducing my taxes?
  • What type of lifestyle do I want to maintain following my retirement?
  • What are the different layers of partnership at my firm?
  • What is my college savings strategy as a high income earner?
  • Does my estate plan address asset protection, adult children, and planned giving?
  • Can I afford to make the move to in-house Counsel?
  • How do I compare compensation packages?
  • How do I manage my stock compensation?
  • What is my tax bracket management strategy?
  • Do I need supplemental insurance coverage?

Custom Tools for Legal Professionals

We use collaborative dashboards that will give our clients powerful decision-making expertise to take their family’s financials into a level of clarity and success.

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