If an employer could wave a magic wand, what would they wish for? In terms of their company, most would want to see an increase in yearly profits. In terms of employees, most would want employees that are happy, healthy, and dedicated to their work. Amazingly, providing a comprehensive financial wellness program can help companies achieve both.

All financial wellbeing programs include:

Certified Financial PlannerTM professionals – CashFit’s team of CFP® professionals can help your employees make a plan, hit their long-term goals, and answer their toughest questions. Experts can work with employees 1 -on- 1 to understand their personal financial situation and encourage them to take action.

Financial well being topics  include:

Custom Lessons – Power up CashFit’s and Our software professionals creates custom lessons to teach employees about your benefits, wellbeing initiatives, and more..

Add pre-paid financial plans for key employees and/or 1-4 hours of hourly fee for employees.

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